Ballroom & Latin Classes


Class Starts at 18:30 – we are very nearly at full capacity so if you want to join us get in touch soon….Click here for Contact Page


Class starts at 19:35 – We have space in this class – Steps and technique will be a bit more “in-depth”…

Club Dance Night

We have decided to hold a Club Dance Night in months where there are 5 Tuesdays.
On the LAST Tuesday of the month.
(2024, The Next Dance is April 30th, July 30th, October 30th and may be Dec 31st )

Usual Format, Open to all Club Members and invited guests
Doors open 18:45 to start 19:00 until 21:30.
Tracks for Ballroom, Latin and a set of Sequence Dances
Basic refreshments will be available at the break, Tea, Coffee, Biscuits etc.

If you would like to come to our Dances please RSVP to dance@bhsdc.co.uk 

Our Summer Dance was very successful – Thanks to everyone who attended,
and Club members enjoyed an intimate Practice session in October.

Check out my other site “bestofballroom.co.uk” all the information you need to become an excellent dancer – just supply the enthusiasm and a little talent.

Dancing at Kings Weald

12 couples enjoying Ballroom, Latin & Sequence Dances at our first Open Ballroom Dance at Kings Weald Community Centre.   We will try to run a few more during the year…