Back to The Ballroom!

May 18th should be our first class of 2021

As soon as the current Lockdown is lifted we will contact everyone to let you know a restart date for the current class session.

16th Dec.
2 classes run this month now on Christmas break - See you all in 2021

30th Oct
The next session starts on the 3rd Nov. and runs until the 15th Dec then we will have a break over the Christmas holidays.

1st Oct

We have successfully run the first 4 weeks of this 8 week session and everyone has enjoyed getting back Dancing - even if “Distancing” rules have restricted each couple to a marked floor area. Teaching takes a bit longer so we are increasing the next 4 weeks class to 90min...

8th Sept

Our First class since February was a great success - our planning for “Distancing”  worked well although setup and breakdown took longer as the hall admin didn't want floor markers left in place ( something to work on)

Robb started us gently with a Rumba & Cha Cha basics session to get the muscles working again.

As an Organised Dance class we are exempt from the “rule of 6” provided we continue to comply with the Covid Procedures issued by the Venue and our Risk Assessment.


We have planned a single class on our usual Tuesday evening - restarting 8th Sept.

This will be an 8 week trial session and must be pre-paid. Couples only and our annual membership fee is also due in September…

Details of the new class rules for Social Distancing / Risk Reduction will be sent out by the end of August.

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